Italy International Festival 2018

The 8th Luci Della Ribalta International Festival 2018 – Audition is On!



A well reputed Italian Non Profit organisation L’Associazione Mozart Italy sede de Terni invites Western Classical musicians and students from all over Europe and around the world to take part in the amazing festival and masterclass program in the beautiful city of Narni. The Association brings the most prominent Maestros of Europe to conduct the Masterclasses on various classical musical instruments and voice. The initiative of the noted Indian musician Michael Makhal and renowned Italian opera singer/trainer Ms. Anais Lee – the Director of the Association Mozart Italia to build an alliance between the Association and Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra certainly opened a new avenue for the Western Classical musicians and and students of India to take part in one of the world’s most reputed festivals – The Luci Della Ribalta International Festival and Masterclasses. Michael believes, “The collaboration will certainly create a bridge between the Western Classical musicians and students of India and Europe and help them building personal and professional network, which could cause to various International exchange programs in the future.” He also says, “International exposure is equally important for students and professional musicians both along with learning and performing music in their home-state. It helps one to be a musician in whole and boost tremendous level of confidence to collaborate, communicate and perform in a broader spectrum. Indeed, touring for learning and performing music is priceless, makes you highly imaginative and creative too.”

The festival takes place in beautiful Italian town called Narni, in Italy. Narni is an ancient hill-town and comune of Umbria, in central Italy, with 20,385 inhabitants. At an altitude of 240 m, it overhangs a narrow gorge of the Nera River in the province of Terni. Narni-Amelia (the train station) is little more than 1 hour in train from Roma Termini.



MMSO is the official representative of the L’Associazione Mozart Italy for selecting the right candidate from India for the festival and help them to understand how the Luci Della Ribalta International Festival and Masterclasses functions and also, guide them to prepare for the audition and the respective masterclasses. The Western Classical music students and professionals who desire to participate in the festival and attend the masterclasses, are requested to contact Mr. Makhal for the upcoming audition. The first level audition will be conducted every year from January in free of cost. Once the candidates are selected, they will introduced to the secretory of the Association in Italy to initiate the formalities. Please keep your eyes on our Facebook Page India Italy Music Connection for all the upcoming updates. You can also visit the website of the Association to know about the course fee and learn all about the festival and masterclasses, click here. You can always mail us for further details at


The Complete List of Maestros