Janam Janam – Bollywood Symphony warm up video from Udaipur

Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra (MMSO) introducing Bollywood Symphony. A warming up video of Janam Janam song with Indian and European musicians at the historical city of India Udaipur for a grand concert in the Palace.



The grand Symphonic Orchestra, made up of fifteen to fifty members playing Violins, Violas, Cellos, Double Bass, Keys, Rhythms, Woodwinds and Brass instruments. The group is assembled with highly professional and versatile musicians from different parts of the country. The ensemble have a great variety of noted pieces starting from the masterpieces of Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Strauss to the latest overture of famous Hollywood theme tunes – James Bond, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sound of Music and also, the evergreen Pops like Abba and Elvis. And, proudly taking Bollywood to the Symphonic World.

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