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Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra primarily performs the masterpieces of immortal composers like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Strauss, Vivaldi and many more legends, but, what makes this ensemble a unique one is, the orchestra intends to make Western Classical music completely accessible to everyone and make it thoroughly enjoyable by adding several modern pieces, which are widely loved and gained immortality as the Classical ones such as the works of ABBA, Elvis, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, AR Rahman, Thomas Newman, James Horner, Monty Norman, Nino Rota and many more amazing pieces. Also, the orchestra performs a wonderful Bollywood pieces in a Symphonic style and famous Waltz, Polka, Serenades and Concertos in a contemporary manner, which redefines the meaning of Classical music to many.

The Orchestra delivers grandeur, vividness and beauty to any classic event, whether it’s a public concert or private, whether its a wedding reception or a corporate event. MMSO strives to spread peace, happiness and unity through music, the band has musicians coming from all over India – South India meets North India and the West meets the East. That makes ‘Michael Makhal’s Contemporary Symphonic Orchestra truly a matchless musical ensemble. The orchestra also invites noted musicians from around the world in special events.

Michael Makhal is an internationally known Violinist, Composer and Conductor. He has been a guest performer for many esteemed Symphony Orchestras of India and abroad, also played Violin for more than hundred South Indian Feature Films. Michael has represented India as a Violinist and Composer in several prestigious events including the ‘Asia Orchestra Week 2007’ (in Tokyo, Japan) and the Glasgow Culture – XX Commonwealth Games 2014.