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The Grand Budapest Concert – August 2023

The Audition process for the Grand Budapest Concert – August 2023 is now On!
Registration: Every interested candidate must register first in order to appear for the audition. Here is the form: https://forms.gle/VttLPnmg8ieAe57o6
“The very prestigious Indo-European Yout Orchestra is the first Indian orchestra to perform in Europe. The concert was first held at the Danube palace hall on 18th August 2019 in Budapest, Hungary. The Grand Budapest Concert project is an opportunity not easily found, finely curated by Maestro Michael Makhal – it is the greatest musical and cultural adventure for western classical music students and advanced-level musicians from India.”

We are very excited to inform you that, we are preparing for the 3rd edition of our Grand Budapest Concert in Budapest, Hungary in August 2023. The Indo-European Youth Orchestra will once again enthrall the audience of Budapest with a great lineup of extraordinary pieces that include (tentatively) the work of Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Elgar, Mozart, Tagore, Michael Makhal, and more. This year in August, we had the Grand Budapest Concert at the Festetics Palace on 14th August 2022. Indo-European Youth Orchestra (IEYO), an ensemble of its own kind, performed in Budapest with selected talented musicians from different parts of India, and also, citizens of the USA, Australia, South Korea, and Hungary. It goes without saying, Indo-European Chamber/Youth Orchestra has successfully made a mark for itself on the map of global chamber/youth orchestras. Our young musicians indeed came back home with a treasure of knowledge, experience, and motivation unparallel to anything. We are extremely glad for the contribution we could make to the lives of these young performers. The concert at the Festetics palace this year was as thrilling for the audience as for all the musicians, everyone enjoyed it from their heart and the audience showered applause generously.

Young musicians always learn the best when they perform with orchestras, they get inspired by their fellow musicians and get motivated to do music with a true passion. Our main goals for this concert and workshop project are to inspire young talents to fall in love with music and do music to the best of their ability, also, gain invaluable experience from playing in an international concert with musicians from different parts of the world including professionals, and be more confident, creative and also, get trained to be a great team player.

Autumn International Music Fest & Masterclasses Hyderabad 2018

Introducing the 1st Autumn Music Fest & Masterclasses in Hyderabad, India – A Collaboration between music educators and performers from India & Europe. The Fest is Sponsored by MedPlus.

The city of Hyderabad is going to witness its first International Collaboration on Western Classical and Indian Music – the ‘Indo-European Chamber Orchestra’, that will be blooming in the Autumn of October, 2018.

Michael Makhal, an internationally known Indian Composer and Conductor, will be launching the 1st Autumn Classical Music Fest & Masterclasses in Hyderabad with the collaboration of European stalwarts Maestro Alessandro Viale, Concert Pianist and Rebecca Raimondi, Violin Soloist, the founder of Ardore Duo and Urska Hovrvat a highly accomplished Cellist. The Workshop, culminating with a Concert, will begin in Hyderabad on 23rd October 2018 till 28th October 2018.

The purpose of the festival is to develop the Western Classical Music scene in India and also, to create a common platform wherein both Indian and Western Classical music can mingle. The vision is to produce an educational festival and have international collaborations, cultural exchange and opportunities to learn the deeper aspects of the Western Classical Music which is still a rare form of musical art in India. The ‘Autumn Fest 2018 Chapter’ will present a valuable scope to the Western Violin, Cello and Piano students in India to come and have masterclasses from the three European Gurus. It will be our goal to guide the Western Classical music students and professionals in India on their precious musical journey through our festival and masterclasses every year. For more details contact at makhalsymphony@gmail.com

The 8th Luci Della Ribalta International Festival 2018 – Audition is On!

A new door has been opened for the Western Classical Musicians and and students of India to take part in one of the world’s most reputed festivals – The Luci Della Ribalta International Festival and Masterclasses organised by L’Associazione Mozart Italy sede de Terni.

The festival takes place in beautiful Italian town called Narni, in Italy. Narni is an ancient hill-town and comune of Umbria, in central Italy, with 20,385 inhabitants. At an altitude

of 240 m, it overhangs a narrow gorge of the Nera River in the province of Terni. Narni-Amelia (the train station) is little more than 1 hour in train from Roma Termini. Check my travel blog to know more about Rome, I wrote it especially for Indian travelers.

The Association Mozart Italia sede de Terni invites classical musicians and students from all over Europe and around the world to take part in the amazing festival and masterclass program in the beautiful city of Narni. The Association brings the most prominent Maestros of Europe to conduct the Masterclasses.

Our organisation MMSO is the official representative of the L’Associazione Mozart Italy for selecting the right candidate from India for the festival. Any student or professional musician desire to participate in the festival and attend the masterclasses, needs to contact us for the audition. The first level audition will be conducted by us every year from January in free of cost. Once the candidates are selected, they will introduced to the secretory of the Association in Italy to initiate the formalities. Please keep your eyes on our Facebook Page India Italy Music Connection for all the upcoming updates. You can also visit the website of the Association to know about the course fee and learn all about the festival and masterclasses, click here. You can always mail us at makhalsymphony@gmail.com