What We Do?

Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra has been primarily involved in Live Symphonic Concerts, Shows and Music Educational events, International Festivals, and similar avenues.

In the Live Concert scene, MMSO has been successfully organizing and presenting Western Classical Music concerts for public and private events, redefining Crossover orchestral performance, has been the master in the Chamber Ensemble concerts, has a flair in Pop and Fusion band shows, brought unique ways to present Cinematic symphonic instrumental concerts, an expert in Hollywood symphonic themes, and has been working with the modern approach of Indian Classical music performance and recitals.

MMSO is known for its unique and fresh approach to music education-related events and services. MMSO is proud to be the sole representative of the Associazione Mozart Italia seed di Terni since 2017 and introduced a number of talented Indian western classical music students and advanced musicians in the world-famous Luci Della Ribalta International Fest in Narni, Italy. MMSO successfully introduced the Autumn International Music Fest Hyderabad in 2018 in collaboration with renowned European Maestros. MMSO also launched the Indo-European Chamber Orchestra in the Autumn Fest were in a unique collaboration Indian participants, invited Indian professional musicians and the European master all came together to present a magnum Western classical music concert to the music lovers in Hyderabad, the highly praised concert was held at the reputed Ravindrabharati Auditorium. Maestro Makhal let’s formed the Indo-European Youth Orchestra and performed in Budapest, Hungary making it a historic event as it was for the first time any Indian orchestra performed in Europe.

In early 2020, Maestro Makhal introduced MusicLesson.In an exceptional music lesson service-oriented site. He has been conceiving the idea for years since he had a student who would come from another state to learn Violin from him. Michael studied and did long research to offer a user-friendly site to the students where a learner can easily browse the Maestros and book lessons right away. MusicLesson.In opens an array of opportunities to music students to have high standard lessons under reputed masters. The platform is like an online institute being lead by Maestro Makhal from the backstage and lessons are taught by exceptionally professional masters, who have been performing and teaching music for their whole career, and some of them are internationally known musicians and been performing with international orchestras and ensembles.

In the grand Symphonic concerts, MMSO performs the masterpieces of immortal composers like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Strauss, Vivaldi, and many more legends, however, what makes this grand ensemble a unique one is, the orchestra intends to make Western Classical music completely accessible to everyone and make it thoroughly enjoyable by adding several well-known pieces, which are widely loved and gained immortality as the Classical ones such as the works of ABBA, Elvis, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, AR Rahman, Thomas Newman, James Horner, Monty Norman, Nino Rota, and many more amazing pieces. Also, the orchestra performs wonderful Bollywood pieces in a Symphonic style and famous Waltz, Polka, Serenades, and Concertos in a unique manner, which redefines the meaning of Classical music to many. The grand Symphonic Orchestra of Maestro Makhal delivers grandeur, vividness, and beauty to any classic event, whether it’s a public concert or private, whether its a wedding reception or a corporate event.