Who We Are?

Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra was formed in 2013 by internationally known Indian composer and orchestra conductor Maestro Michael Makhal, who has been involved with national and international orchestras, international fests, educational events, Western classical music concerts, and similar projects for close to 20 years. He is known for his innovative approach in his works and praised for attempting challenging endeavors throughout his career. The Media & Press has always been a source of encouragement to his work.

Maestro Makhal began his journey in the field of Western Classical music as a Violinist with his father Ananta Makhal, former conductor of Calcutta Chamber Orchestra at his teen-age and having a huge experience of organizing and performing Symphonic concerts, whether it is a purely traditional Western Classical Music concert, Crossover orchestral performance, Chamber Ensemble, Pop and Fusion band show, Cinematic symphonic instrumental concert or Indian Classical music performance, he has done all that in his career and have worked with the finest musicians and artists from all over India and around the world.

In the year of 2014, Maestro Makhal represented India in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games as a composer for the Glasgow Cultural. His orchestral composition Spirit of India was performed by the Scokenida Ensemble in many events during the Games and also at the Aberdeen International Youth Festival. In 2016, he was the only Indian to get selected to attend the Luci Della Rebalta International Festival in Italy. Since then, he has built an association with the Association Mozart Italia and introduced many young and advanced level Western classical music students and professional performers to the International Fest in Italy. In 2019, Indo-European Youth Orchestra co-funded by Maestro Makhal became the first Indian Orchestra to perform in Europe, the concert was held at the prestigious Danube Palace in Budapest, Hungary on 18th August.

In early 2020, Maestro Makhal introduced MusicLesson.In an exceptional music lesson service-oriented site. He has been conceiving the idea for years since he had a student who would come from another state to learn Violin from him. Michael studied and did long research to offer a user-friendly site to the students where a learner can easily browse the Maestros and book lessons right away. MusicLesson.In opens an array of opportunities to music students to have high standard lessons under reputed masters. The platform is like an online institute being lead by Maestro Makhal from the backstage and lessons are taught by exceptionally professional masters, who have been performing and teaching music for their whole career, and some of them are internationally known.

Whether it is a Symphonic concert or international festival, music education event, workshops or masterclasses, music lesson service, International collaborations for concerts and events, Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra stands tall with phenomenon success stories and unmatched experience under the highly proficient leadership of Maestro Michael Makhal.