Italy Fest & Masterclasses 2023

Audition for the 13th International Luci Della Ribalta International Festival & Masterclasses in Italy is now ON and open for registration for Indian students and musicians. Contact us for the Audition details at
This is going to be the 4th year that selected Indian musicians and students will take part in the festival in Narni, Italy. We are working enthusiastically on locating interested Indian Musicians and Students from the Western Classical Music field who wish to take part in an International Festival like this in Europe. We are creating a gateway for them to have an International experience in such a European festival. Michael Makhal Symphony Orchestra is the official representative in India of the esteemed Italian festival organization The Association Mozart Italia Terni, the organizer of the Luci Della Ribalta Internation Festival.
Masterclass Offered for Instruments & Voice: Violin, Viola, Piano, Guitar, Cello, Winds, Brass, Opera & Bel Canto Singing
Audition for 2023 will commence soon 🎻
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